Baja California San Felipe ATV rentals

Baja California San Felipe is home to the annual San Felipe Baja 250, which features different race categories from monster trucks to ATVs, to buggies. So as you would expect, there are several ATV(All Terrain Vehicle) rental stores around town and is one of the fun things to do during San Felipe vacations.
baja california san felipe riding on beachBaja California San Felipe ATV rentals

Baja California San Felipe 250 Annual Race

The annual Baja California San Felipe 250 race is organized by Score International. The race usually occurs about the 2nd weekend in March. If you have not been to San Felipe for one of these races, it is an amazing experience that everyone should visit at least once. You have drivers from all over who head to Baja California San Felipe for the chance to win the price. One of the most popular participants is Robby Gordon.

Bring your ATV to Baja California San Felipe

Driving on Mexico highway 5 to San Felipe, it is pretty common to see vacationers heading to San Felipe hauling their ATVs. Usually, they would per-reserve a Baja California San Felipe rental home as these tend to come with a garage where the ATVs and other toys can be securely stored.

In our Baja California San Felipe gated community with lots of rental homes, you are allowed to ride your ATVs, however, for your safety and that of other vacationers, you do need to obey the speed limits while on the premises. Head on to our private beach you’ll find large an open sands where you can be a little more aggressive on the throttle. Interestingly, ATVs are allowed on all the roads in San Felipe, including the highways. There are a number of designated off road trails for ATV riding areas, you can feel free to test your skills here feel the thrill of speeding across the soft sand.

Not all our guests come hauling ATVs to Baja California San Felipe for their holiday, and not to worry, there are many ATV rental shops around town in San Felipe. You can chose to ride solo, or go on guided tours. From in front of our resort, there is a rental shop that takes you on tours of the hinterland where you will find mountains with sea shells on the sides of the mountain walls, an obvious testament to old times when the sea level was higher and much further inland.

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